Online Gambling


If your online gambling has become a bit more of a worry, then maybe it’s time to change your online gambling with something different. Like spending more time with your family and friends or learning something new.


For advice and support, call the gambling helpline on 1800 858 858 or visit And give change a chance.

Times of significant change or stress can contribute to gambling having a bigger impact in your life. If you think your online gambling is becoming an issue, you can check out the signs of a problem or try a self assessment.

To talk to someone, you can access free, confidential Gamblers Help support at:

  • Gamblers Helpline Tasmania


    1800 858 858

    Phone support 24 hours a day


  • Gambling Help In-Person


    1800 243 232

    In-person advice and support during business hours



Online gambling is any form of gambling that is done online through devices such as phones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers. Online gambling includes a range of gambling activities such as sports betting, horse/greyhound racing, fantasy sports, lotteries, keno, casino games and esports.


Tasmanian research has found that more than 1 in 10 Tasmanians had gambled online in the previous year. On average, people that gambled online gambled more often and spent more on gambling than non-online gamblers and online gambling was higher among men and people aged 25-44 (source: SEIS).


Research has found that gamblers gambled more often during COVID-19 and that young men (18-34 years old) were the most likely group to increase their gambling frequency and spending during COVID-19 as well as being the most likely group to be at risk of gambling-related harm (source: AGRC).